weekend in estes


We decided to spend this past weekend in Estes Park with some friends and get some much needed R&R. It was a spir-of-the-moment kind of thing but if a friend invites you to spend a couple of days in a cozy, beautiful lodge in the mountains, how can you say ‘no’? This was actually the first time I’ve been to Estes Park since I was little and I was reminded how stunning it is.

The best part of the weekend was being able to ditch my indoor amenities and simply enjoy the country. No laptops, TV, internet, Netflix, hair-dryer, straightening iron…nada! The weather was perfect, the mountains were quiet, and we got some good laid-on-back. It’s days like this that make me appreciate living in Colorado. Pure country.  And of course the incredible house we were staying at helped set the tone for the weekend.

These quick weekend days were filled with fireplace lazing, grilling, drinking with friends, frisbee golf, outdoor walks, and skipping rocks on a frozen pond (it’s very easy to skip rocks on a frozen pond. I’m an expert now.) It was so peaceful being surrounded by open fields, endless mountains and country style. Weekends in Estes? I’m quite fond of it. Relaxing in the mountains with simple pleasures is definitely my forte.

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