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Winter is clearly taking its sweet time coming to Colorado. It’s December and I was able to ride my bike to the park and have a picnic with a friend. In December!!! It was 65 degrees and there is clearly no sign of snow coming anytime soon. I was quite happy to enjoy the warm outdoors for a while longer. It made me realize how much I’m going to miss summer. I loved riding my bike and wearing sandals and being able to sit in the park without a jacket.

We picked up some goodies from the store and rode our bikes around Capitol Hill to Wash Park. My favorite park. We parked right in front of my favorite tree and camped right in front of the pond. We just spent the afternoon talking, snacking, feeding ducks, and even stayed for the sunset.

Until the snow falls, I’m going to embrace the warm weather while I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple more bike rides and park days in this month. Maybe the delay in winter snow will work out in my favor. As long as the snow continues to fall in the mountains, I’m happy to enjoy every minute of the remaining warm weather down here.

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