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You like my new fur vest? It’s Ralph Lauren. Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren. He has always been one of my favorite designers and I’m quite thrilled that my first piece of his is a fur vest. I never actually saw myself owning a fur vest… Unless I was going to a 70’s party or hunting or trying to look expensive in Aspen, I’ve never felt the need to have one. But this vest was the last one on the rack. And it was my size. And it was on sale. Yoink!

I had never really looked into the Denim & Supply collection until I found this vest. I love Ralph Lauren even more now because of it. Denim & Supply is definitely my kind of style. Rugged, raw, laid-back, and country. The clothes are kind of tomboyish and Western chic. The kind of clothes you would want to wear if you lived in a log cabin or a small country town. I definitely need more Denim & Supply in my closet.

I finally wore the vest for the first time today. I’ll admit that after I bought it, the vest stayed hanging in my closet with the price tag until I could mentally envision an outfit to go with it. I mean, what exactly do you wear with a sleeveless fur vest?? I still don’t know. I didn’t really plan this outfit either. But I guess it kind of worked. I guess winging it is the way to wear a fur vest.

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