swing and a prayer

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Skipping church on Sunday morning was replaced with a swing and a prayer. I started my day early to be harnessed and strapped onto a rope, suspended 35 feet into the morning air, and when I decided I was ready, I transformed into a human pendulum. Sounds like a fun morning, doesn’t it?

Fun was the ultimate word to describe this experience but the intention was to practice the act of trusting yourself, listening to your instincts, relying on your readiness, and releasing anything and everything that you’ve been holding onto. It was a way of choosing to let go of the past and move forward. I am a bit of an adrenalin-seeker and this exercise was another treat to my soul. The rush you get after your fingers free themselves from that rope is liberating. You have no choice but to face whats ahead. But after the invigorating rush, you get to simply enjoy swinging in the open air.

One of the best parts of the morning was also watching my sisters swing. It was bonding for the three of us, and even my dad decided to swing too. We all worked together to suspend each other and waited at the bottom with support. It was such an inspirational way to start the day. My little sister said she wants to start every morning doing this. I agree with her. Choosing to let go of anything holding you back and facing the unknown. We all need a swing and a prayer every once in a while, hopefully more often than not.

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