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Miraval calls this area of the resort “labyrinth” but the name doesn’t quite fit the ground. We came across an intricate network of paths with one way in and one way out. Unlike a typical labyrinth with high walls and complex passages, this labyrinth offers a clear vision of where you’re going and where you’ll end up. It may look complicated at first glance but with some focus and patience, you see that the way in and out is on the same path.

I think we all see life as a labyrinth sometimes. We get lost in the negative things that interfere with our lives and we lose our vision on how to get out. We get wrapped and consumed in stressful situations and desperately try to find the exit without considering how we got there in the first place. But if we take a moment to breathe, look around and clear our minds, we will see the path that can lead us out. And after being in this simple, uncomplicated labyrinth, I can see my life more clearly now.

My sister and I spent some uncomplicated time in this place. We followed each other in and out of that maze and occasionally crossed paths. It was such a peaceful and mindless stroll; knowing exactly where we were going and exactly how to get out. Life is so simple in the Miraval labyrinth. Being in a clearly marked maze made me realize that life doesn’t always have to be complicated and cloudy. I’m going to turn my life into the Miraval labyrinth. No more getting lost; always a clear way out.

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