Miracles happen, one happened to me.
When the blessing of one,
Became the blessing of “we”.
A bond before birth,
A bond beyond time.
Two souls created in sharing,
Your story is mine.
When one of us leaves,
Two continue to be.
A mirror’s reflection – you, me, and we.

My twin sister and I just celebrated another birthday. I tend to get a little nostalgic and reflective when our birthday comes around. It’s the celebration of us coming into the world together; even though we were already together before birth. Sharing my birthday with her every year is a yearly reminder of why I love having a twin.

We have an unexplainable bond that most people will never understand. I consider myself lucky that I was born with my best friend, who has been with me since and before day one. She is my best friend, my other half, my twin sister. She is an important part of me, the second half of me, and she knows my soul. I decided to dig up some old photos of us; there were so many but these are some of my favorites. Growing in age, and growing appreciation of her. Happy birthday to us, Chisholm.

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2 thoughts on “twins

  1. Shannon says:

    Really well written! I can totally relate to the twin part… it is hard to explain the kind of bond twins have :)

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