salute the new sunrise














Is black coming back for Spring? Or are the 70’s sneaking their way back into the trends? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Either way, I’m glad that Novella Royale is reintroducing the modern-day hippie. I totally have a crush on this “Salute The New Sunrise” lookbook. Especially with the B&W photography by Mark Choinjere. Perfection…

This LA brand is new to me but I am quickly falling in love. I have a fondness for wearing black and neurtrals and now I have a craving for these pieces. And I have a new appreciation for the 70’s. If this is how they dressed, I really hope we’ll be seeing more of this influence on the runway. The way that this lookbook is styled is beautifully contradicting. I love it. The clothes are so uncomplicated but so dramatic. So simple but so daring. So peaceful but fierce. 

I might have to do a bit of traveling to get me some of these gems. I’m overdue for a trip to LA and Novella Royale is giving me the perfect reason to go. Forget online shopping – I’m sure a personal visit would be well worth it. 

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3 thoughts on “salute the new sunrise

  1. Reblogged this on Galleria2013 Urban Arts and Culture Magazine and commented:
    Where in LA and people are saying Black is it for spring this year. I’m down to wear black at any time since in Chicago where I’m form there is not spring…lol

  2. Thanks for the content. One Love

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