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hoodie: BDG.| top: Final Touch | skirt: JohnPaulRichard | bag: Poppie Jones

I love day trips. Especially random ones. The recent warm weather unfortunately got in the way of my original plans to go snowboarding, so I was left with an open day and nothing to do. But I knew I wanted to be outside. I decided to go to the mountains without actually going to the mountains. After one short hour in the car, we were at Pikes Peak. I haven’t been to Pikes Peak since I was little so it felt like a new thing to me; a new mountain for me to get to know.

Pikes Peak is the most visited mountain in the country but today it was quiet and empty. We actually didn’t make it to the top of the peak because of icy road conditions (I forgot it’s January!) but we climbed as high as we could. There were so many beautiful sights on the way; we stopped at Crystal Creek Resivoir, found some incredible red rock formations, and admired the view the entire way up. It’s amazing how drastically the weather can change while you’re climbing a mountain; in 40 minutes, we escalated up to 12,000 ft. and went from 60 degrees to zero. What was I thinking wearing that skirt??

I see the mountains every day and I very often forget how wonderful they are. The views from today were indescribable; it seemed as if the mountains went on forever. I felt like I was on top of the world and I didn’t even make it to the top! Another visit this summer is mandatory. I saw the world from 12,000 ft. today; I can’t wait to see it from 14,115 ft. See you soon, Pikes Peak.

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