all the wild horses











What can I say about this? It’s simply breathtaking. These photos encompass a lot of things that I love in life; sandy beaches, ocean, roaming horses, and flawless fashion. And beachy-hair that I wish I had. I want to live in these photos. They make me quite homesick of the days that I lived in Hawaii. I might have to buy a horse and move back…

Shouldn’t life be lived in the way we admire certain photographs? I think that’s why we like to look at them. They share a story with us. They invite our imagination to live through an image and appreciate what was captured. They’re a dreamy getaway for a while. That’s why I like to look at them anyway. And hopefully I can then capture some dreamy getaways of my own. With some wild horses, of course.

(Source: FGR)

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4 thoughts on “all the wild horses

  1. Beautiful Pictures!!! Those are my favorite 3 things also!

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