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More fashion and more horses. I used to live on an acreage so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t own a horse dammit. I think I’m going to have a sit-down with my dad and convince him to channel his “inner cowboy” so that he can buy me a horse since I was sadly deprived of one as a child. Every girl deserves a pony.

Anyway. ThreadSence has captured a lovely glimpse of how life could be if I did have that horse! I would want my life to be like this. Everything down to the roaming hills, inviting trails, carefree bohemian style, and a horse that I can love. With the fabulous clothes. And I want to ride that horse barefoot! As much as I love slipping on my cowgirl boots, I need to try riding barefoot just like in these photos. It’s going on my bucket-list!

There is something so pure and majestic about horses. Right? Maybe that’s the “country” in me talking. But I’ve been seeing them in a lot of lookbooks lately. They’re the latest fashion accessory! Hence why I have to have one.

(Source: FGR)

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2 thoughts on “threadsence and horses

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