chasing powder



Finally, a weekend reunited with me, my snowboard, and a mountain. I haven’t been up snowboarding in about a month or so and this weekend was the perfect time to ride. We had some friends visiting from out of town and what better way to be a host than to throw them on the slopes?

The weekend was actually a lot more eventful than a day of snowboarding (I regretfully didn’t take ANY pictures). We rented a cozy lodge in the mountains, grilled some burgers, played some drinking games, and of course, sat in an outdoor hot tub in the middle of a snowy night. It was a fairly typical “winter getaway” surrounded by good friends. And the slopes were conveniently just a few minutes away the following morning.

This winter storm gave me the best day of riding I’ve had all year. Naturally the 10 of us got separated (it’s not easy keeping a group of people together when everyone is roaming on a mountain) but I didn’t mind. I had an entire playground of powder to explore. The snow was thick, untouched, and fluffy. I spent the entire day riding in the trees, discovering new trails, and chasing powder. My kind of day. Although my friends and I were separated, we spent the end of the day reminiscing of our riding adventures. Friends, fun, and freshies.

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