beauty and the beast


Jaime Rishar for L’uomo Vogue by Michel Comte 1996

So my dream of going on an exotic African safari has been seriously intensified after discovering these photos. Ideally, this is how my African getaway would look. I would simply need to tone up, get rid of all of my cellulite, and find some wild animals with no desire to eat me. That’s doable, isn’t it?

These images are flawless. The open abandoned scenery, clear blue sky, exotic skins and combining human with the wild just make me melt. I would love to run endlessly with some of nature’s most beautiful creatures running with me. Who knows how long it took to capture these moments… It could have taken hours. In the SUN. However long it took, it was well worth the wait.

I want to live like beauty and the beast.

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One thought on “beauty and the beast

  1. Imani Talib says:

    Great photo choices!

    – Imani Talib

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