the safari









Source: Mister Zimi

Africa. Africa. AFRICAAA!!! I have been having serious travel cravings ever since I peeked at this lookbook. Particular cravings for an African safari adventure. Duh. Where else would these make you want to go?

I am actually trying to plan a couple of trips this summer… I have a couple planned already and some are in the works. For instance…spending a couple weeks in Crete and backpacking through Europe! But more on that later… Can’t give too much of a good thing at once, ya know? I’m going to resist talking about it until I have enough moolah saved to brag about it. I’m going to make it happen though. Wait and see.

Mister Zimi tugging at my heart strings and growing my travel craze.

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2 thoughts on “the safari

  1. Xenia says:

    These photos are amazing. Africa would be such an amazing place to travel to, definitely on my wishlist

  2. archistas says:

    What an amazing lookbook! I’ve been lucky enough to visit Africa a few times and there is no other continent like it. Really amazing! Maya – Archistas

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