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I had a bit of an emotional weekend. The long weekend which was supposed to be filled with traveling, adventure, and spending all of my money with my fashion obsession…didn’t exactly go as planned. I came home broken and hopeless and a little depressed.  But I promised myself I would stop talking about it. And I also promised that I wouldn’t let this silly letdown ruin the rest of my weekend. One of the best things that can bring back your spirit of course is a spontaneous getaway with one of your girlfriends. And stand-up paddling.

Stand-up paddling is something I grew to love when I lived in Hawaii. Colorado is obviously lacking beaches but we found a rental store tucked in Boulder that could accommodate my SUP craving. We also found an untouched lake up north that was perfect for today. We had the entire lake to ourselves! It was so inviting and perfect for my I-just-need-peace-and-quiet-and-some-damn-water-therapy attitude. We spent all afternoon paddling around the lake, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the mountain view. There is something so peaceful and satisfying about the water. I don’t know what it is, but I think I’m meant to be around it. It’s puts me at ease and pampers my soul. It feels like home. Floating and paddling on calm, refreshing water with one of your best girlfriends…what more do you need?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone.

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