cartel noir II








Sweater: Cartel Noir | Pants: H&M | Flats: Mossimo Supply Co. | Earrings: Buffalo Exchange

Cartel Noir sweater. I told you I had a second goodie coming in the mail… The night that it arrived at my doorstep, I practically slept in it. And then I wore it three days in a row. No joke. It’s as if this is the only piece of clothing I own. And I’ve worn it everywhere! To the park, the grocery store, at work, out to dinner, a night out downtown, and everywhere else you can imagine. It’s an equal-opportunity sweater! Perfectly appropriate for any occasion. And quite perfect for my laziness when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Sweater, pants, flats, ta-da!

My sister and I spent the evening in the park waiting for the sun to go down. It was wayyy too hot earlier to take pictures in a long-sleeve top. I wanted to wait for the sun to set. I love wearing sweaters when you want to feel cozy. Especially during soft summer evenings when you want to be outside all night.

Loving Sunday afternoons in my cozy Cartel Noir sweater…

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2 thoughts on “cartel noir II

  1. Ahka Vintage says:

    That is gorgeous! It’s a timeless piece – black and white and stripes in the right places – don’t blame you for wearing it out!
    Latest outfit post: BLUE DAY

  2. Love it! I think you’ve introduced me to a new favourite designer!


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