seattle bound










I’m going to a new place in a couple of days; Seattle. This will be my first official trip of the summer and I am beyond stoked. I’ll be visiting my best friend who’s going to play tour-guide for the entire weekend and I know she’ll show me a good time. I’ve never been to Seattle. I think that’s why I am so excited. There is something about going somewhere you’ve never been before. No familiarity, no expectations, no knowing. And I love not knowing.

I have this anticipated idea of what I think Seattle will be like. I imagine cozy coffee shops, old music stores, incredible art, fresh seafood, and the smell of the ocean. Something like that. I have a feeling I’ll really end up liking it there. I tumbled upon these photos when I was researching Seattle and I’m only getting more and more anxious! Whatever my best friend has in store, I’m going to have a “yes-man” attitude for everything! I want to see and do every possible thing while I’m there. I want to get to know this city and spend some good ol’ quality time with my bestie of course.

See you soon, Seattle. I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “seattle bound

  1. This looks beautiful! Great post :)

  2. I’m desperate to go there- looks amazing!

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