the traveling clutch






Clutch: Samudra | Bottoms: Billabong

My Samudra clutch. A new necessity when packing for a trip. My best friend in Hawaii mailed me this clutch a while ago but it’s only known Colorado. I took my clutch to Seattle and it served as the perfect bag for a beach day. I have an obnoxious collection of totes and messenger bags so this clutch was great for downsizing. And I am so in love with the print! How many girls can say they own a trendy, perfect-sized clutch with sharks on it? It’s definitely not the typical patent leather, shiny, girly, only-used-for-going-out-downtown clutch. It’s Samudra.

There are so many other beautiful clutches by Samudra that I am so anxious to own. My best friend in Hawaii even has a genius collaboration with them and created her own set of Samudra goodies. Take a peek at She’s quite the artist when it comes to combining her incredible photography with fashion accessories.

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