I am feeling a little nostalgic about summer and summer isn’t even over yet. But it’s almost August and I feel like I haven’t had my fix of sun-filled days! It’s driving me crazy! I’ve been slightly pasty, very little days spent by the pool, NO days spent at the park, and of course, no beach. Except for my recent trip to California but the water was too cold to swim. I’ve been so busy with work and other projects that I haven’t taken the time to really enjoy summer. I’m feeling a bit robbed… But I guess that’s part of growing up, isn’t it? Summer vacation? Sayonara.

Elle Sweden published this lovely spread of what summer is supposed to look like. The only relate-able thing I have with these photos is the floral bandeau swimsuit that I also own. But what good is it when you have no time to wear it?? I really should stop whining and invest in that Seafolly one-piece and spend the rest of my summer days in it. I would wear that one-piece all summer long. [That is, after I loose 10 pounds and get a good tan goin’…]

Summer, please don’t leave too soon. I still have a craving for the outdoors and getting good use out of my bikinis. Feel free to over-stay your welcome this year. Thank you.

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One thought on “sunkissed

  1. It’s been super hot for a change here in Scotland, the people just don’t know what to do! :D some have been walking around with their shirts off, others are carrying jackets just in case :D
    if you like fashion, I wrote a post about a vintage market i went to. you might like it?? check it out if you get a sec :)

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