the weekend look









Dress: Staring at Stars | Clutch: Samudra | Jewelry: Brandy Melville

I have a slight obsession with maxi dresses. Any one-piece or simplistic piece of clothing that you can just throw on is definitely my kind of thing. I found this Staring at Stars maxi and I practically lived in it all weekend. It was perfect and effortless for everything that I did. It was worn to an engagement party, dinner, late night drinks, running errands, and lazy Sunday. I could have easily slept in it but then I decided that this dress is way to pretty to be a nightgown. And I am completely obsessed with the color too! You  won’t catch me wearing pink too much [I secretly despise the color actually] but I’m going to keep telling myself this dress is ‘fuchsia’. Yeah, fuchsia. Not pink.

I paired the dress with my new Samudra clutch. I think these two pieces were meant to be worn together. Besides the obvious color compliments, I loved the simplicity of them both. My basic open-back maxi dress and my little clutch that I can conveniently fit everything into. All of my simple, daily needs; the cell phone, wallet, car keys, fashion sketchpad, candy, and whichever book I am currently reading. It all fits perfectly in my Samudra clutch. It’s a good way to down-size to the necessities and I think we all need a little of that in our life. A little Samudra.

Living simply in my weekend look. It’s a wonderful thing.

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3 thoughts on “the weekend look

  1. Love the dress and your clutch! They really look made for each other because of the color combo :) You look very pretty in this outfit too! Thanks for sharing :)
    Do visit my blog as well :

  2. Love your dress. Beautiful pattern and the color.

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