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Alright. Time for me to rewind from the past couple weeks. Three of my friends and I backpacked through Europe, but our main destination was in Crete, Greece. Before we left for Greece, we spent some quick time in London. It was the meeting spot for the four of us and finding my friends in an unfamiliar place was an adventure in itself. I was very jet-lagged, sleep deprived, and I was trying to navigate through an unfamiliar city without cell phone service. But seeking out my girlfriends in London turned out to be pretty enjoyable and thrilling. Kind of like a treasure hunt. I also surprised my best friend who had no idea that I would be there.

The four of us roamed through London all day, all afternoon, and all night. We went to Borough Market and ate the most amazing sheep-milk ice cream everrr, strolled around Parliament, saw Big Ben, walked through St. James Park to Buckingham Palace, and ate at the local pub for dinner. We took the Underground everywhere and stayed in a hostel for the night. I was in a bit of a daze during the whole London experience honestly. I think it was a mix of having no sleep, exhaustion from traveling, and registering that I would be trekking through Europe with three amazing friends. It all felt surreal. And I love that feeling!

The best part about London is that it was only the beginning. It was a small glimpse into the experiences and adventures ahead of us. This was our time to document and explore the world, and see places that we’ve never seen before. I wanted to take notes, take pictures, collect things, meet interesting people, read maps, eat exotic foods, learn about new cultures, and everything else in between. I wanted to embrace every experience possible and take in everything around me. I wanted to get lost and discover unexpected things. I wanted to share everything and every thought with my three friends. My travel sisters.

Four girls with a craving to see the world. Memoirs of Greece coming soon…

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One thought on “memoirs of london

  1. Taipei Style says:

    Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see the ones from Greece! :)


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