the komboloi



I know I said I would stop talking about Greece. Well, I lied. And now I want to talk about the komboloi.

Greek worry beads, or komboloi, are an ancient remedy for stress and the relief of anxiety. They symbolize your worries. By playing with each bead, you take account of each worry and set it aside until a solution can be found. It’s a way of controlling your worries so that they don’t control you. The komboloi are a symbol of Greek pride and a great source of comfort. I noticed most Greeks in possession of these beads and I bought one for myself. The word komboloi literally translates – “kombos” meaning knot or specifically a large number of knots, and “loi” meaning a group that sticks together. Remember always when handling the komboloi that, “You play life – life does not play you!”

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