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There’s a wonderful thing that goes hand-in-hand with European travel – European FASHION. Their trends are seasons ahead of us and observing what they are wearing is a lovely little glimpse of what we could be wearing months later. Before I left London, I picked up a few fashion magazines to keep me busy on the plane. The latest issue of Elle UK had this beautiful editorial called “Wanderlust”. It was the perfect look book to get me ready for Fall. I recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of some outdated clothes and when I looked at the clothes I had left, it was a closet full of neutrals. Everything I own is beige! I’ve collected too much beige, and browns, and blacks, and whites, and it was a little sickening. I need some color in my life ASAP.

I want to fill my closet with clothes like these. Vibrant colors, cultural prints, simple plaids, and loud accessories. I’m going to make a rule for myself that every future purchase has to be COLOR. Or print. Things that I can easily mix-n-match and layer to create a colorful look. I feel like there is something very ‘Harajuku’ about it.  I want to master the ability to make sense of things that don’t go together. Yep, this is what I want to wear for Fall and Winter. Stay tuned for my Fall/Winter looks! Color is the rule!

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