in the west

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The foothills of Wyoming. The location chosen for Anthropologie’s November catalog. At first I thought it could have been Colorado [at which point I would have stalked the production team] but we don’t tend to see a beautiful pack of wolves much around here. But still, these photos remind me of home and I love how perfectly they captured the Midwest.

The landscape and vibe of these photos actually remind me a lot of my childhood. I spent a lot of summers in Wyoming camping, riding horses, and roaming open fields. And I would like to think I was somewhat fashionable back then… I definitely pranced around in my Levi jeans, pink cowgirl boots, and wool sweaters. I woke up early to ride horses with my dad, drove through the mud on 4-wheelers with the boys, and stayed up late by the campfire. Life in the West was a beautiful thing when I was little.

See the rest of the Anthropologie lookbook here.

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