coat: DKNY | sweater: lush | necklace: Marc Jacobs | jeans: H&M | shoes: Merona | clutch: Samudra

Sundays are my jam. I wish that every day could be a Sunday. I usually sleep in [unless I can motivate myself to get up early enough for church], make myself breakfast, maybe grab a latte, and spend the rest of the day searching for inspiration on Pinterest and Tumblr. And looking up recipes for brussel sprouts. Today I decided to spend a little bit more time outside. It was 22 degrees, foggy, and starting to snow – but I sort of fancy this kind of dreary weather. I pulled together some recent fashion finds with some old goodies buried in the back of my closet and spent a wandering afternoon downtown. I also realized that I enjoy dressing up even if I have nowhere important to be [heck, I get dressed up just for the grocery store]. But I suppose that’s a symptom of a fashion-crazed person, isn’t it? I’ll admit, I had no significant plans or anywhere in particular to go today. Just felt like being bundled up on a Sunday.

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