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Daytrip Striped Cardigan Sweater | Rag & Bone Boyfriend Shorts | H&M Jersey top | Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses | Toast Pilgrim Bag | Frye Jackie Gore Boots

At home sick today. Which means, hours of online shopping and drooling over the things I can’t afford. Oh well, a girl can dream. There’s always hope of finding it after desperately searching Froogle and eBay, which I have plenty of time for today. Being home sick with a laptop and a fashion obsession can be a dangerous thing…

With the weather warming up, I’ve had my eye on a few S/S goodies. Especially the Frye Jackie Gore booties. I would wear those boots all year around. I could pair those boots with a simple summer dress every day and be happy. There’s just something about a good pair of boots… They can be worn with a dress, maxi skirt, jeans, jean shorts, inside, outside, mountain, city, country, you get the idea. I’ll admit, I already have way too many boots to have a satisfied wardrobe. But is any fashion-crazed girl everrr satisfied? No? That’s what I thought.

Dangerously shopping on a sick day. I hope I feel better soon.

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