the new bertha







Remember ‘big bertha’? My trusty steed? My beloved longboard? Well, she got a makeover. She needed one baaaaad. I’ve been riding her for nearly 6 years and she deserved a new look. My mister and I turned it into a Home Depot DIY project one day. We ripped off the old grip tape, sanded it down, spray painted the deck, and applied a homemade grip [polyurethane + sand…it’s magical]. I honestly can’t remember how big bertha looked before, but I like her much better now. She’s a trendy lil’ thang and I wanted to show her off a bit.

I spent some of the afternoon riding outside of downtown. I found a quiet road for some peaceful roaming, completely free of cars and city chaos. Mindless riding is one of my favorite things to do. I find it extremely therapeutic to just pedal up and down, carve the streets, and feel the pavement sliding underneath you. I know big bertha is getting a bit old and rusty but she still rides beautifully. This board is going to be one of those things that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. We have traveled together to Hawaii, Colorado, Seattle, New York, and will soon be embarking a Mid West road trip [more on that later…]. She’s definitely one of my favorite travel accessories.

Lovin’ me a little Spring shredding with the new bertha.

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