craving the road


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I drive a lot. I drive to work every day, I drive home from work every day. Sometimes I run errands during work, and I definitely drive on the weekends. And if I’m upset about something, I drive to calm myself down. I actually explained to a friend today that driving is a form of meditation for me. Unless I’m sitting in traffic or in a rush to be somewhere, I am quite fond of being behind the wheel. It’s calming. It’s mindless. Sometimes I find myself zoning out and then minutes later wondering how I managed to still drive functionally. Does that happen to anyone else? No? Just me then?

I’ll be going on a Mid West road trip soon. Memorial Day weekend to be exact. I’ll be retrieving a friend and driving back with her to Colorado. I could never say no to a road trip. We’re going to ‘wing it’ all weekend and just take our time driving through the country. However, I do have a few must-do’s: find a famous diner, see Mt. Rushmore, longboard down an empty highway, camp in the forest, take lots of photos, watch the sunrise, lodge in a B+B, hike up a mountain, etc. There is so much to do when you have a car and a friend and no agenda. It will be miles of good company, good conversation, and great exploring.

Until then, I’ll just be sitting here craving the road.

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