rested and restless





top: Billabong | shorts: Amethy St. | necklace: Marc Jacobs | shoes: TOMS | longboard: Sector9

I think the world takes a breath on Sundays. The day of rest. My favorite day of the week. It’s my time to sleep in, drink coffee without rushing to work, maybe grab brunch, and spend the day with no plans. I think that’s what I like most about it – no plans. I intentionally keep my Sundays open so I can enjoy asking myself, “what should I do today?”. Today was easy to answer. It was 91 degrees outside and I wanted to longboard. I was rested and restless.

I feel that I’ve been very attached to my longboard lately. Maybe it’s because it’s getting warmer outside. Or maybe it’s because I’m still fascinated by big bertha’s makeover. Or…maybe it’s because I can feel my car self-destructing and I need to reinforce my next transportation mode. [I was actually in the best shape of my life when big bertha was my ‘car’…might not be a bad thing if my car breaks down] I’m also working on a project that involves girls + longboarding. More on that later though. I haven’t really thought of it enough to start talking about it yet.

Enjoying my rested and restless Sunday.

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