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It’s crazy how much can be crammed into four days with no agenda. That’s how I like to do things. I plan for a living, so there’s no way that I want to incorporate that into my persona life, you know? I need to keep work separate. This past weekend was spent road tripping through the Midwest with one of my favorite adventure buddies as she moved her life back to Colorado. Here were the main highlights from the weekend:

The Henjum Farm
I am still kicking myself for not taking ANY photos of the farm. This was my first stop when I arrived in Minnesota [actually it was the Lululemon Outlet but we’re going to skip that part because I don’t want to talk about how much money I spent]. The farm has been in her family for over three generations and most of it has remained the same. The house is still as it was. There is an old barn, and a new barn, which houses over 1,000 pigs! We went 4-wheeling around the farm, fed the pigs, played bocce ball in the yard, had an evening BBQ, and spent every minute outside. It was a true “country” experience.

The Badlands
I have heard of the Badlands before. Seeing it up close was quite exhilarating. Walking on ground that has been around for centuries and seeing endless miles of aged rock formations. This was probably my favorite stop on the trip, minus the farm. The rocks were beautifully layered with colored stones, all cemented together into jagged towers. It’s too hard to describe in detail. You’ll just have to go see it.

Wall Drug
I should have counted the number of billboards we saw along the highway for Wall Drug. If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say 62. Maybe. Wall Drug is probably the most popular tourist attraction in South Dakota. It used to be a small general store in 1931 and has now grown into a village of restaurants, shops, and cafes. Sadly, I didn’t capture too many photos of Wall Drug either. I was quite overwhelmed by homemade donuts, Hot Beef Sandwiches, and more Native American memorabilia than I’ve ever seen in my life. Camera had to stay put for me to take it all in.

Mount Rushmore
I actually visited Mount Rushmore when I was younger. For some reason I remember the faces being much smaller. Maybe you weren’t able to get as close back then. My friend and I stared at the faced-carved mountain for a while, wondering if there was another President’s face between Roosevelt and Lincoln. Apparently there wasn’t.

There was absolutely NOTHING while we drove through Wyoming. We actually passed through a very small town that had a population of 4 people. After that, everything else was open country. I think that was another one of my favorite parts of the road trip. Being surrounded by nothing gives you time to simply be. My friend and I pigged out on gas station snacks, scream/sang to our favorite songs, and had deep conversation about life, thoughts, ideas, and future travels.

Just a little glimpse into my Midwest diary.

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