the afternoon

2014-06-15 19 31 53

2014-06-16 09 50 04

2014-06-16 09 47 12

(overalls: Billabong | white body suit: SWELL | striped top: Billabong)

Sunday afternoons are my serenity. The morning is usually spent sleeping through church, going to brunch, grabbing coffee with a friend, or scoping out a farmers market. But I keep my afternoons open for myself, for alone time. I truly think that alone time is good for the soul. And Sunday afternoons are my time to sit, think, sip tea, and just be.

Oh, and I finally had a chance to wear my Billabong overalls that I bought a while ago. Overalls were so easy to wear when I was little, but now, they seem to require a bit of extra effort. I’m a bit more curvy and taller [and out of shape] than I used to be. It took a while to find a pair that could accommodate my height, long torso, and child-bearing hips. Ugh. But, I got lucky finding these. Simply paired with a white onesie and striped sweater for cool evenings. Ta-da.

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