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top: Cartel Noir | bra: lululemon | leggings: lululemon | tattoos: Flash Tattoos

[pc: Colleen Turner]

I spent some time in a place that I have never been entirely at ease with – in front of the camera. I am a bit photo-shy, I don’t consider myself photogenic, I’m naturally clumsy, and I am quite dull. My muscles tense up, my mind freezes, and I usually use humor [bad humor] to ease the self-consciousness. I would rather be behind the lens. But, sometimes I end up on the other side. It’s something I need to work on, I know.

 Colleen Turner is another photographer that I met at Wanderlust. This is how I looked through her lens. She captured me in the middle of the slopes, surrounded by Aspen trees and dandelions. I tried to be as natural as possible – I started by doing my own self practice for a while, which was short-lived because I kept getting distracted by the dandelions. They were everywhere! I only remember seeing this many in a field behind the house I grew up in. After ditching the yoga, it was a perfectly playful morning. [By the way, I typically do NOT wear sunglasses while doing yoga – I had a bruised nose and I was trying to cover it up] Anyway, Colleen made it easy for me to ignore the camera. Most of the time, she made herself unknown. I think that’s an important trait for a photographer to have. Camouflage.

A playful morning through her lens.

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