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My friends are quite the experts at knowing where to find great camping spots [and ironically I’m the only Colorado native out of all of them]. We don’t like the touristy spots. We like hidden gems and off-road trails that no one would think to explore. We camped in the old mining town of Waldorf, which was a big tourist destination in the late 1800’s [and it had the highest Post Office in the US at 11,660 feet above sea level!]. The town slogan was “a lifetime in a day”. We settled at the base of the old mining structure, surrounded by steep alpines and endless hills.

 This was my first camping trip of the summer [sad, I know] but it was a goodie. The best part about the trip was getting to the spot. Unless you have a manly truck that can handle narrow trails with no guardrail and driving up vertical hills, don’t bother. We literally climbed 3,000 feet up  the mountain and it was steep. Thrilling and steep. Oh, and the stars. Oh my goodness, the stars! We could see everything from where we were. I’m kicking myself for not taking any photos…

Sleeping under the stars, cooking over a fire, off-roading up the mountain, good conversation, good friends, and spending time in Colorado’s secret spots. Saturday was a lifetime in a day.

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