1st stop: Cozumel, Mexico













Cozumel, Mexico, our first port. I’ve been to Mexico before, but not Cozumel. The best thing about this place was that there were so many beaches that were conveniently lined up along one main road. Which would make sense considering we were on the coast. We decided the best thing would be to rent a moped and beach-hop as we pleased.

This part of the trip was somewhat nostalgic to me. Being in Cozumel reminded me of my past trips to Mexico when I was younger. Being on a moped brought back memories of when my boyfriend and I rode to school together when we lived in Hawaii. Just him + me, roaming the island and discovering beaches. We must have visited 4-5 different beaches throughout the afternoon and finally settled on a quiet, peaceful part of the coast. We drank pina coladas, ate some great local food, collected some seashells and floated in the ocean. Oh, and I got some henna! Twenty dollars and twenty minutes later, I had some beautiful ink to flash around for the rest of the trip. But then I realized how long the henna lasts, and wondered how I was going to hide this at work… Crap.

The first stop in Cozumel. One down, two more to go.

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