a quiet morning








I love quiet mornings. And a quiet morning on the beach ain’t so bad either. My mister and I have been cruising the Caribbean for the past week and we started in Galveston, TX. I’ve never been to Texas before; I didn’t really know what to expect. I envisioned cowboy hats, endless BBQ, seafood restaurants, and larger versions of everything. Yes, pretty stereotypical, I know. I did see those things. But I also got to see the ocean, which I haven’t touched in about a year. I love the ocean, especially when it’s not overwhelmed with tourists. That seems to be a rare find.

We didn’t spend much time in Galveston. It was just a short stop before we started the week on a boat. But that morning I woke up early and wanted some quiet time. I walked the beach for almost two hours before everyone else woke up. Besides a couple of eager fisherman, it was just me and the ocean for a short while, which was much needed. No cell phone, no social media to check, no work, no emails to read, no stress. Why can’t every morning start like this? Oh, right. I’m a working girl. So until Monday morning, I’ll be reminiscing of that quiet morning in Galveston.

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