the exception






[kimono: maaji | swim top: Billabong | shorts: Swell]

Those who know me best know that I hate the color pink. And you’ll rarely see me wear it. At some point in middle school I simply became disgusted with the color [I associated pink with “girly” girls and in my tomboy phase, I did not want to be labeled as such]. I don’t mind the color when it comes to accessories or rugs or flowers or whatever. I just don’t like it in my closet. But, there are 2-3 pieces in my closet that are pink. This Maaji kimono is one of them. I scored this piece online, on sale, and it’s my exception to my hate for pink. I fell in love with the sheer fabric, the mixed prints on the sleeves, and the effortless way of wearing it. At first I didn’t really know how to wear it – I didn’t think I was “chic” enough to wear it. But then I threw it over a swimsuit and some shorts and, ta-da! Perfect cover-up. And the perfect beach accessory.

My exception in pink.

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