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[sweater: H&M | sunglasses: Francesca’s | boots: Crown Vintage ]

This post is not about New Year’s. It’s about a new sweater. A sweater that I kind of bought as a joke a couple of weeks ago before my trip to the east coast. I was shopping with a friend, grabbed it with little seriousness, and when I came out of the dressing room my friend laughed and said, “Buy it!” And naturally, if your best friend tells you to buy something [especially clothes], you do it. I never imagined myself owning something like this, especially something so fuzzy. I usually live in something new once I buy it, but I was a little hesitant with this one. But there I was wearing it in Central Park for all New Yorkers to see. The big city makes me feel a bit daring I suppose.

The boots were intentional. And they took me forever to find. I’ve been on the hunt for navy blue velvet booties ever since I saw Rachel McAdams wearing them in A Most Wanted Man. They were so effortless and rustic and unique. But I am very picky about my shoes. And finally, when I was actually shopping for another pair of boots, I found these tucked in the corner. The sunglasses are Francesca’s, which make me look like a mad scientist. But I was in NYC and my other favorite pair of sunglasses were broken. Default sunglasses. Sorry, sunglasses. I still love you.

Something new. Happy New Year 2015, everyone!

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