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I am totally doing that thing again where I disappear for a month or two. Sometimes I feel like my lack of blogging is like a craving to bake cookies but you don’t want to buy the ingredients. Or maybe that’s just me being lazy. I suppose I’ve hit a wall and I didn’t feel I had anything worth posting for a while. But I do now!

I am newly engaged! These photos of me were actually taken before my mister popped the question. Poor guy was probably losing his mind when I asked him to snap some photos, but hey, I didn’t know he had a secret agenda! I was just happy to be on the beach. And he knows my love for the ocean. Hence the location of the proposal.

 Now, I am not going to dive into the whole story. Our closest family and friends know how it went down. And as much as I do love telling that story, I am not a “girly” bride-to-be. I won’t be building “Wedding Inspiration” Pinterest boards, or flipping through bridal magazines, or eating my weight in cake tastings. But I am still giddy about it, still touching my ring finger to make sure it’s real, still reliving that day. I wish I could rewind because I actually don’t remember anything he said while he was down on one knee. It was all too much to take in. Dammit. But that day was perfect. It was our day.


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