september skies


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My friend and I were wondering the other day if people in other countries go camping like we do. I kind of doubt it. I heard that they don’t. The concept is quite silly if you think about it. We willingly choose to spend a couple of weekend/vacation days sleeping on the ground outside, peeing in the woods, eating food out of a can, waking up freezing, and having to live without the comfort of our A/C and precious technology. What a nightmare! Just kidding – I dig it.

Labor Day weekend was spent in the woods. Actually, I felt like we were above the woods. We were nestled on top of rolling hills in [insert town name here]… I have no idea where we were honestly. But it was one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever camped at. Endless views, no one in sight, and perfect September skies. I wish I captured more photos of the sunset. Even looking back on these photos now, there’s a twinge of, “damn! I should have spent less time eating and more time snapping photos!” 

 It was a perfect September weekend. If this is the last camping trip of the summer, I’ll be okay with that. [actually, in 2 weeks, I’ll be camping for 4 days in a row while trekking through Machu Picchu! eek!!] But, I must say, I will be anxiously waiting for next summer to come along. I love the free-spirited way of life, music playing as loud as we like, and doing yoga in the middle of the road while the sun sets. I’m already nostalgic – excuse me while build a fire for no reason and punch ‘acoustic country’ into Pandora while sipping hot chocolate… I’m in heaven.

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2 thoughts on “september skies

  1. Emtage says:

    I love reading about your travels, there’s something so invigorating about the way you write them :)

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