Just your typical Sunday, and another special collaboration with miss Tara.
This time we drove west and spent the day at my favorite lake – Lake Dillon. We packed our longboards, brought some snacks, threw the most random collection of clothes into a backpack, and spent the afternoon in the wilderness. [I often referred to this day as ‘getting dressed in the dark and wandering into the woods’. I mean, who dresses like this in the middle of the woods?? Oh – we do.]
This particular collaboration was bitter-sweet for me. Sweet because Tara is my adventure soul sistah who will say yes to anything as long as there is a camera, cool clothes, and a destination involved. But bitter because these photos were taken shortly before she moved away to Maui and I knew this photoshoot would be the last one for a while. [cue pity party]
We didn’t waste a second though. We laughed, we talked stories, we traded the most ridiculous outfits, we long-boarded side by side, and we channeled each other’s creativity. That pretty much sums up our friendship. Yup, it’s a special one.
Until next time, miss Tara. And next time I’ll meet you in Maui.


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