As they say, “all good things must come to an end”.
This will be my last post for livelybone, and a heartfelt goodbye. This blog has been my digital baby, my online diary, my deepest thoughts, and gatekeeper of my most treasured memories. I started this blog nearly 7 years ago and it has been an adventure. In this, I was able to meet myself again and was able to document the moments that were most important to me. I fine-tuned my writing, fell in love with photography, and made sure to keep my life filled with passion, adventure, good clothes, and travel in order to create content. It’s harder than it sounds!

I want to thank everyone who followed me along the way and supported my journey. It has been a pleasure sharing livelybone with all of you. This isn’t the end though – just the end of this chapter. I am sure one day I will create another blog. My creative side is restless and my soul is an adventurer. I hate goodbyes, I always have. So we’ll keep this short & sweet.

Until next time, until the next blog.


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