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the paint mines


Just your typical Saturday in December, plus 60 degrees. Unusually warm weather in Colorado naturally means grabbing your best friend, driving down south, and pretending like it’s summer while you frolic in the Paint Mines. I’ll use any reason to collaborate with the lovely @taranasoruxwrx.

The Paint Mines is an enchanting, unassuming place with its own magic. A place I’ve been meaning to check out for a while after hearing its reputation of 9,000 year old rock formations and colorful clay used by the Native Americans. Our intention was to take photos with the vibrant pink, yellow, and orange rocks until we discovered a valley with pure white rocks. And this became our prime spot for the day.

Will definitely need to return to this special place for sunset, when the colors really show their potential!


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“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

No words. Just two best friends frolicking in an empty field to bid farewell to summer. Those are the best kinds of friends and the best kinds of evenings.


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the sisterhood

[photo credit: Jenna Sparks Photography]

I took a personality test the other day and it revealed that my personality type is quite selective when it comes to making friends and connecting with people. And that there is a yearning for authenticity and sincerity. It said that my type is unlikely to go for friendships of circumstance, like workplace social circles or local baristas, where the only thing in common is a day-to-day familiarity. Rather, we seek out people who share our passions, interests, and ideologies. “In friendship, is it as though this personality type is searching for a soul mate, someone who shares every facet of their passions and imaginations.” I never realized this about myself; this eagerness for ultimate compatibility. I guess it makes sense that I only have a handful of very close friends. But with the help of Style Collective, I’ve formed new friendships with five local fashion bloggers. I like to think of us as “the sisterhood” of Denver.

 A few weeks ago, I attended my first Style Collective event. Style Collective is a network of fashion bloggers and female influencers nationwide, encouraging each other to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. This event was held to celebrate the launch of their new podcast, “Becoming Fearless” [listen here]. Style Collective members from all around the country gathered in numerous cities to listen, sip, shop, and meet fellow SC sisters. Fab’rik Denver hosted the fabulous night with tasty nibbles, Champagne, and an entire evening of shopping and playing dress up. Fellow bloggers that I follow on Instagram became familiar faces which turned into new friends. These empowering women quickly became a lifeline of support, encouragement, praise, and inspiration. Be sure to follow these incredible lady bloggers!
@delayadenaye | @teddybearsandlipstick | @amandamaxwell22 | @raeannlangas | @lifeinstyles_ns

The world of fashion and lifestyle blogging can be an intimidating world to walk into. Millions of people have taken up blogging. The fashion industry in itself can be unforgiving, vain, challenging, and competitive. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years and it’s been a learn-as-you-go process. And it’s been a bit of a lonely process at that. Until I met my fellow SC sisters, I didn’t really have any current friends who shared my interest for blogging and photography. No one to share insider tips, content ideas, scheduling tactics, etc. Style Collective has changed that. Six girls who met in a boutique with like-minded interests. I now have a local community and network of ladies who speak my language. A family of bloggers to turn to and mutually encourage each other.

The night would not have been complete without our amazing host, @fabrikdenver, lovely photographer @jennasparksphotography, as well as some generous sponsors who left us with the best gift bags!
@iheartankit | @beautyforreal | @lgskinandbeauty | @senita | @everlyoak | @blushstudioslifestyle | @cyclebar | @patternsandpops | @glamourbardenver


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Maxi Dress | fab’rik Denver
Belt | Buffalo Exchange
Boots | eBay

As a Colorado-native, I pride myself in being a true country girl. I grew up in Parker, had a couple acres of land as a backyard, played in the dirt, owned a pair of pink cowgirl boots, and had a true cowboy of a father to look up to. Being a country girl is a state of mind, a free spirit, daring, caring, sometimes swearing, giving her best, living her best. For me, it’s also a fashion trend and a common go-to when I am crossed with what to wear. I simply embrace my inner country girl with a sundress and my favorite pair of cowgirl boots. “Country” is always in style when you live in Colorado. One of my friends calls it “cowgirl chic”.

There is a field in front of my parent’s house that has the perfect country backdrop. Open acres of wild grass overlooking the Rocky Mountains, endless wooden fence, barely a dirt road, and surrounded by farms of horses, llamas, and goats. My sister and I played around in this field on a rainy afternoon. It was dreary and misty and perfect for running around in a pair of boots. I nearly ruined a new dress that I scored from fab’rik Denver, but hey – a little mud never hurt anybody. That’s the country girl attitude.


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Belt | Steve Madden
Jeans | American Eagle Outfitters
Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters

We stumbled upon this dreamy valley when we were struggling to find parking for Muir Woods. We knew it was risky to visit on a Saturday, along with the rest of the world, and what seemed to be an endless road taking us further and further away from the entrance eventually brought us to this place. I jumped out of the car and asked my sis to snap some photos. It was kind of majestic and picturesque and we were the only ones there. The only thing that could have made it better was maybe a white horse and a picnic.

 I love places like this though. I am not a city person. Country girl all the way. Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting and galavanting around – but after a while it can get overwhelming and I get bored of concrete. Gotta escape back to nature, ya know? Into places like this. A time-out from city chaos. I will never forget this special place.


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