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the paint mines


Just your typical Saturday in December, plus 60 degrees. Unusually warm weather in Colorado naturally means grabbing your best friend, driving down south, and pretending like it’s summer while you frolic in the Paint Mines. I’ll use any reason to collaborate with the lovely @taranasoruxwrx.

The Paint Mines is an enchanting, unassuming place with its own magic. A place I’ve been meaning to check out for a while after hearing its reputation of 9,000 year old rock formations and colorful clay used by the Native Americans. Our intention was to take photos with the vibrant pink, yellow, and orange rocks until we discovered a valley with pure white rocks. And this became our prime spot for the day.

Will definitely need to return to this special place for sunset, when the colors really show their potential!


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“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

No words. Just two best friends frolicking in an empty field to bid farewell to summer. Those are the best kinds of friends and the best kinds of evenings.


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Maxi Dress | fab’rik Denver
Belt | Buffalo Exchange
Boots | eBay

As a Colorado-native, I pride myself in being a true country girl. I grew up in Parker, had a couple acres of land as a backyard, played in the dirt, owned a pair of pink cowgirl boots, and had a true cowboy of a father to look up to. Being a country girl is a state of mind, a free spirit, daring, caring, sometimes swearing, giving her best, living her best. For me, it’s also a fashion trend and a common go-to when I am crossed with what to wear. I simply embrace my inner country girl with a sundress and my favorite pair of cowgirl boots. “Country” is always in style when you live in Colorado. One of my friends calls it “cowgirl chic”.

There is a field in front of my parent’s house that has the perfect country backdrop. Open acres of wild grass overlooking the Rocky Mountains, endless wooden fence, barely a dirt road, and surrounded by farms of horses, llamas, and goats. My sister and I played around in this field on a rainy afternoon. It was dreary and misty and perfect for running around in a pair of boots. I nearly ruined a new dress that I scored from fab’rik Denver, but hey – a little mud never hurt anybody. That’s the country girl attitude.


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blue lake














I dug up these photos the other night after realizing that I had completely forgotten about them. This was from our last camping trip of the year to celebrate Labor Day Weekend and the end of summer [we even got rained on in the middle of the night – Mother Nature wanted to make it official].

Blue Lake was a magical place and easily became one of my top favorite camping spots. Completely secluded, turquoise waters, and an abandoned rowboat! [I’m not going to say much else, in my effort to keep this place a secret. Google Maps has two “Blue Lakes” in Colorado, so you have a 50/50 chance of getting to the right one]. Gather some good friends, beers, and a couple of paddles, what more could you need?

Can’t wait to return to Blue Lake next year.

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night out













I fell off of the grid again. It’s been months since I’ve posted and I’m actually quite ashamed of myself. I’m going to have a 10 second pity party and get it out – I’ve been in a slump lately and haven’t had much motivation or drive. [this could also be due to the fact that I haven’t worked out in more than a year, hence the lack of energy and inability to fit into some of my favorite outfits] My inner artist has been hibernating for the past few months and my creative drive came to a halt. But lucky for me, Denver Style Magazine hosted a night of fashion and pulled me out of my coma!

Denver Style Magazine launched their No. 4 issue and celebrated with a night out. I dragged one of my besties for an evening of cocktails, mingling, and some of the best style-spotting I have seen in a while. Denver is growing and the fashion is clearly keeping up. Style trend of the night: jumpers. I saw at least 8 women sporting their jumpers. I felt like a outcast for not wearing mine [which was in the trunk of my car, buried in a duffel bag of potential outfits… clearly I wore the wrong one]. I am all about onesies and tonight was confirmation to wear mine more often. They’re kind of in right now.

Now that my creative muse is reactivated and awake, I will be posting more often. Pinky promise. It’s amazing what one night out can do. Especially when surrounded by fellow fashionistas.


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