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old and new

Floral Maxi Skirt | Pink’s Denver
Strappy Block Heels | Franco Sarto
Nude Bodysuit | H&M
Suede Moto Jacket | BNCI by Blanc Noir
Amelia Sling Purse | Be&D
Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters

I specifically planned this look for the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building this past weekend. It’s common for us fashionistas to coordinate our outfit based on where we’re going, but this look was randomly thrown together and then saved for Saturday morning. A mix of old & new, I picked up the Pink’s maxi skirt and Franco Sarto block heels right before the trip; the moto jacket, sunglasses, and Amelia sling have been living in my closet for a while. I sat on the floor in my bedroom with a glass of wine and threw it together, simply inspired by what I would want to wear at the farmer’s market. And here it is. Ta-Da!


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something new





[sweater: H&M | sunglasses: Francesca’s | boots: Crown Vintage ]

This post is not about New Year’s. It’s about a new sweater. A sweater that I kind of bought as a joke a couple of weeks ago before my trip to the east coast. I was shopping with a friend, grabbed it with little seriousness, and when I came out of the dressing room my friend laughed and said, “Buy it!” And naturally, if your best friend tells you to buy something [especially clothes], you do it. I never imagined myself owning something like this, especially something so fuzzy. I usually live in something new once I buy it, but I was a little hesitant with this one. But there I was wearing it in Central Park for all New Yorkers to see. The big city makes me feel a bit daring I suppose.

The boots were intentional. And they took me forever to find. I’ve been on the hunt for navy blue velvet booties ever since I saw Rachel McAdams wearing them in A Most Wanted Man. They were so effortless and rustic and unique. But I am very picky about my shoes. And finally, when I was actually shopping for another pair of boots, I found these tucked in the corner. The sunglasses are Francesca’s, which make me look like a mad scientist. But I was in NYC and my other favorite pair of sunglasses were broken. Default sunglasses. Sorry, sunglasses. I still love you.

Something new. Happy New Year 2015, everyone!

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country girl


Daytrip Striped Cardigan Sweater | Rag & Bone Boyfriend Shorts | H&M Jersey top | Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses | Toast Pilgrim Bag | Frye Jackie Gore Boots

At home sick today. Which means, hours of online shopping and drooling over the things I can’t afford. Oh well, a girl can dream. There’s always hope of finding it after desperately searching Froogle and eBay, which I have plenty of time for today. Being home sick with a laptop and a fashion obsession can be a dangerous thing…

With the weather warming up, I’ve had my eye on a few S/S goodies. Especially the Frye Jackie Gore booties. I would wear those boots all year around. I could pair those boots with a simple summer dress every day and be happy. There’s just something about a good pair of boots… They can be worn with a dress, maxi skirt, jeans, jean shorts, inside, outside, mountain, city, country, you get the idea. I’ll admit, I already have way too many boots to have a satisfied wardrobe. But is any fashion-crazed girl everrr satisfied? No? That’s what I thought.

Dangerously shopping on a sick day. I hope I feel better soon.

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coat: DKNY | sweater: lush | necklace: Marc Jacobs | jeans: H&M | shoes: Merona | clutch: Samudra

Sundays are my jam. I wish that every day could be a Sunday. I usually sleep in [unless I can motivate myself to get up early enough for church], make myself breakfast, maybe grab a latte, and spend the rest of the day searching for inspiration on Pinterest and Tumblr. And looking up recipes for brussel sprouts. Today I decided to spend a little bit more time outside. It was 22 degrees, foggy, and starting to snow – but I sort of fancy this kind of dreary weather. I pulled together some recent fashion finds with some old goodies buried in the back of my closet and spent a wandering afternoon downtown. I also realized that I enjoy dressing up even if I have nowhere important to be [heck, I get dressed up just for the grocery store]. But I suppose that’s a symptom of a fashion-crazed person, isn’t it? I’ll admit, I had no significant plans or anywhere in particular to go today. Just felt like being bundled up on a Sunday.

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april snow









(kimono: Merona | top: Brandy Melville | jeans: H&M | boots: Charlotte Russe |
necklace: thrift)

The green was creeping o’er the brown
The skies dropped bluebirds yesterday
Again today the snow is down
And Spring is a thousand miles away

And where is lady April now
Deep in the lonely woods she cowers
Keeping alive – the heart knows how
O’er her few pale arbutus flowers

And yet for her the birds sing clear
A song of May, more sweet than May
To hope amid the storms of fear
Ah, how divinely dawns the day

– Caroline Spencer

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