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I found a very old film cartridge the other day. A while ago my good friend and fellow blogger, ladyslider, had a series on “forgotten film” and it sparked my memory – I had a film cartridge in my vintage Canon camera that was 7 years old. I had completely forgotten that it was there. And I don’t know why I never developed the film. I guess I thought that I had lost it? But I remembered exactly what that film was bought for, and I had to retrieve the memories from it.

It was March 2007. I was living in Hawaii and I took a weekend trip to Maui with a few good friends after we scored some low flight prices. I don’t even remember bringing my camera with me, but I remember using it. This vintage Canon camera belonged to my father and he gave it to me after I expressed interest in photography. At first, I thought it didn’t work. It sat in my room and collected dust as a “decorative antique” [sorry, dad…] But once I found out that it could still take film, it became my favorite accessory. It was my first “real” camera.

 Sadly, most of the film was exposed. I would have loved to see what were on those photos. But I actually adore the ones that were salvaged. I love the grainy texture. I love the faded colors. I love remembering that entire trip. And I love that they are physical prints that I can touch and hold and keep. I miss the days when the only option we had was to develop film. I miss waiting anxiously at the store for them to be developed. Everything is so cold and digital now.

Might have to get back into film… Getting back into old things and old ways.

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