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[pc: Colleen Turner]

I spent some time in a place that I have never been entirely at ease with – in front of the camera. I am a bit photo-shy, I don’t consider myself photogenic, I’m naturally clumsy, and I am quite dull. My muscles tense up, my mind freezes, and I usually use humor [bad humor] to ease the self-consciousness. I would rather be behind the lens. But, sometimes I end up on the other side. It’s something I need to work on, I know.

 Colleen Turner is another photographer that I met at Wanderlust. This is how I looked through her lens. She captured me in the middle of the slopes, surrounded by Aspen trees and dandelions. I tried to be as natural as possible – I started by doing my own self practice for a while, which was short-lived because I kept getting distracted by the dandelions. They were everywhere! I only remember seeing this many in a field behind the house I grew up in. After ditching the yoga, it was a perfectly playful morning. [By the way, I typically do NOT wear sunglasses while doing yoga – I had a bruised nose and I was trying to cover it up] Anyway, Colleen made it easy for me to ignore the camera. Most of the time, she made herself unknown. I think that’s an important trait for a photographer to have. Camouflage.

A playful morning through her lens.

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wanderlust part II








photographer + photographer
[Chelsea Call + me]

There is something about being in the presence of another photographer. Or ten. I spent one of my mornings at Wanderlust in a photography workshop. A group of us woke up early that morning and trekked up to a field of Aspen trees in the middle of the slopes of Snowmass. Just ten strangers with ten cameras.

Now, I don’t consider myself a photographer. I have never taken a photography class. I have never read the entire manual for my camera. I probably can’t even explain what ISO means. But I love being behind the lens. It allows me to see the world in a different way. The way that I wish it looked all the time. Behind the lens, I can take my time…I can look for beauty…and I can admire things.

Chelsea was one of the photographers in the workshop who volunteered for the rest of us to shoot. There were 9 other cameras clicking away but in that moment, I felt like it was just me and her. She had this air about her, and a calmness that seemed to make everything around her still. She was graceful and angelic and perfectly fluid in her own practice [and doing yoga on a slanted hill is NOT easy]. She was a pleasure to photograph that Saturday morning.

Follow Chelsea at www.chelseacall.com or @chelsea_call (Instagram)

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wanderlust part I























4th of July weekend. Typically this would consist of me getting together with family and friends, grilling a ton of food, having some fruity drinks, playing games, watching the fireworks around Denver, or going camping somewhere. This year was different. I spent the weekend in Aspen for Wanderlust. Wanderlust is basically mountains + yoga + music. Well, in Colorado anyway.

How do I even begin to explain Wanderlust? The word is defined as ‘a strong desire to travel’ which seemed quite appropriate for this event. There were about 3,000 people attending and a lot of them were from out of state. Makes sense though. Who wouldn’t want to practice yoga in one of the most beautiful places in the world? Myself and 5 other girls were among the 3,000. Our days were filled with yoga classes, hiking, shopping around Snowmass village, riding the gondola up and down the mountain, eating lots of Kashi, making friends, photography workshops, and stand up paddle yoga. And then dancing + music at night. Oh, and the weather was beyond perfect. We were all sore and sunkissed by the end of the weekend.

“Your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself and the world around you. Let go of the struggle and feel the beauty inside you. Allow all to just be and just be you.”

Wanderlust part II and III coming soon… xoxo

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in a flash


















My life has been in a whirlwind the past couple of months [hence my horrible lack of blogging, yet again]. In my defense though, a lot has happened lately. I moved into a new house, I watched one of my best friends get married, I spend a girls-weekend in the mountains, I’ve been working nearly 6 days/week, I had a Midwest road trip, and I spent a lot of time on my newly furnished patio which I am quite obsessed with. Looking back, it’s all gone by in a flash.

And speaking of flash, I finally had some downtime to go through some photos on my Nikon camera. This is what I found. Some quick snapshots and memories of the past few weeks. It was a pleasant visual reminder that there were a lot of great moments in the middle of the summer chaos. I think I needed that.

Now I’ll be getting ready for Wanderlust in Aspen. Yoga + mountains. Stay tuned!

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[photos via Pinterest + Tumblr]

Yoga has sort of become a big thing in my life. I never thought I’d identify myself as a ‘yogi’, but ever since I studied Astanga in Greece last year, it kind of stuck with me. Now, I’m not the best at it… I’m getting there. I even spent about thirty minutes on the mat last night working on my headstand, even after crashing into the floor numerous times. And I decided that this type of ‘exercise’ is more fit for me. I hate running, I don’t like going to the gym, and any type of cardio will give me a side cramp in the first ten minutes.

Yoga is different. It’s calm, yet vigorous. It’s slow-paced, but demanding. It’s overt, but personal. It’s more rooted somehow. I feel a sense of relaxation on the mat, but I know that my body is in for a good workout. I love the idea of connecting my mind, body, and spirit all at once. It’s about developing a relationship with yourself. It really requires a certain type of dedication and focus, which I lack in both when I’m at the gym.

I came across some inspirational photos with beautiful yoga poses. To me, this is the perfect representation of control and content with yourself. This is also my motivation for the poses and postures that I am practicing. I’m also preparing myself for Wanderlust in a couple of months. I’ll be doing yoga in the mountains, hiking, attending music festivals, and attempting stand-up paddle yoga for the first time, at very high altitude! Hah. That should be interesting.

namaste – my soul honors your soul.

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